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Location and Access

The Parking Garage is located on the West side of the Bank of Springfield Center. The garage has entrances on 7th Street and Washington Street. The maximum height clearance for the garage is 6' 6".


The Parking Garage is a fully automated garage, operating 24 hours a day. There are no attendants on duty, however we have 24 hour security on property should any problems arise.


A ticket is issued before the gate opens to allow your entry to the Parking Garage. Please note, no attendant is on duty; the garage is fully automated.

 To exit, you can choose to pay one of two ways:
Pay at the gate by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay.
Pay at one of the Pay on Foot stations by cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Pay on Foot stations are located near each stairwell in the garage at street level (Level 3). There is also a station in BOS Center’s Main Lobby for your convenience.

Please note:
You must have your ticket with you to use a Pay on Foot station.
If you pay at a Pay on Foot station, and you would like a receipt, please be sure to press the button on the station labeled “Receipt.” The exit gate will NOT issue you a receipt if you have paid at the Pay on Foot station.
After you have paid, you will have 15 minutes to exit the garage without incurring additional fees. When you exit, simply scan your prepaid ticket into the machine and the gate will open.


Parking Garage Fees

Minimum Charge: $1.00 per hour. Maximum Charge: $7.00 per day. Event Parking: $5.00/$10.00 per event. (Rates may vary depending upon event.)

A lost ticket will result in an automatic charge of $25. You may obtain a Lost Ticket Voucher at any of the Pay on Foot Stations by pressing the “Lost Ticket” button.

General Information

Accessible Parking is available on Level 3 South (street level).

Plaza Parking Garage/BOS Center is not responsible for fire, theft, or damage to vehicle, it's electrical equipment, or contents of said vehicle.

Monthly Parking
$60.00 per month for unlimited in/out privileges. Please visit the BOS Center Box Office to sign up or for more details or call 217-788-8814, ext 210.
To request parking online please click here. Then, you will need to come into the BOS Center Box Office to finish set up. Please be advised, there is a $10 deposit required on all monthly parking cards that will be refunded when the card is returned to the BOS Center Box Office.

If you sign up for parking after the first of the month, BOS Center will prorate your first month's invoice but does not offer partial refunds on accounts canceled before the last day of the month. BOS Center does not offer refunds on monthly parking. 





Special Events
If you are hosting an event and would like to pay for your attendees parking, please contact the Box Office at 217-788-8814, ext 210 to make arrangements in advance of your event.


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