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BOS Center provides free wireless Internet access in all public areas of the building. A hardwired Internet connection is available upon request for $100 per day. Contact your Event Coordinator to make arrangements.


Main Hall: 44,000 sq. ft.
Door Access: 4 corner doors 11'11" x 14'6"
Freight Elevator: 11'X 18'X 15' 20,000 lb load limit
Power: 800 amp, 600 amp, 400 amp, 3 phase 5 wire 30' from down stage left
Shore Power: 1 – 220 volt 100 amp
Loading Docks: 4 with dock plates on main level – 20’ push to stage
Floor Load Limit: 350 lbs. per sq. ft.
Spot Lights: 6 Super Troopers, 2 Troopers
Rigging: 47' to low steel, 72' to high steel
Weight Limits:
  • 1,000 lbs/point
  • 7,000 lbs/truss
  • 62,000 lbs/half hall
  • 120,000 lbs/full hall
Internet: wireless and hard wired
Staging: SICO Roll-n-Set Stage
  • 32 pieces of 8’ x 8
Weight Limit: 125 lbs per sq. ft.

Click here to download a rigging diagram.

Electricity, Internet, & Forklift Service:
To download the Electrical, Internet, & Forklift Service Order Form PDF, click here.

Payment in full for electrical service must be received a minimum of 48 hours prior to the opening date of an event (including move-in) to qualify for discount rates. Payment may be made by cash, check, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover. Orders without advanced payment will be charged at standard rates. Charges must be paid in advance of electrical hook-up. Prices are subject to change without notice. Payment for all utility connections must be made prior to installations.

LCD Projectors and Screens
LCD projectors with screens are available in meeting rooms B4, B6, B7, and all four rooms of B11 (Ballroom).

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Electrical, Internet, & Forklift Service Form
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